Restoration experiments

KISKUN LTER Restoration Experiments operates as a separate LTER site and provides unique information about the long term effects of restoration activities. The target of restoration experiments is the endemic Pannonian sand grassland that is under protection of the EU (Pannonic sand steppe, habitat code 6260). The goal of restoration ecological research is to create a scientific basis for measures facilitating the reconstruction of a self-sustainable ecosystem that require no or only conventional, extensive management.

A possible use of seed bank samples: testing the methodology for reintroduction

In the frame of The establishment of the Pannon Seed Bank for the long term ex situ conservation of Hungarian vascular wild plants Life+ programme (2010–2014), approximately at least 800 species of the Pannonian native flora will be stored in the Pannon Seed Bank. In the project we would like to set an example of how seed banks can assist in situ species conservation activities.

Common milkweed experiment

Biological invasion is considered to be a major threat to biodiversity along with global climate change. Common milkweed (Asclepias syriaca L.) is a non-indigenous invasive plant species that has been invading large areas of sandy habitats in Hungary. This species hinders regeneration of sandy oldfields by inhibiting colonization and resource aquisition of natural species due to shading effects, high competitive capacity and allelopathic compounds.

Establishment of the Pannon Seed Bank for the long-term ex-situ conservation of Hungarian vascular wild plants (2010-2014)

Célunk a Pannon Magbank létrehozása, és legalább 800, a Pannon biogeográfiai régióban őshonos, tárolásra alkalmas magvú növényfaj génbanki technológiával történő megőrzése úgy, hogy a gyűjtés semmiképp se veszélyeztesse a gyűjtött populációk túlélését. A LIFE+ projekten túlmutató célunk a Pannon biogeográfiai régió minden tárolható fajának magbanki technológiával történő évtizedes-évszázados léptékű megőrzése. A kitűzött célt a világ 13.