International links

ILTER ILTER: The international LTER network was established in 1993 on the initiative of USA LTER. Two of the future founders of the Hungarian LTER network, Gábor Fekete and Edit Láng participated in the kick-off meeting. Recently ILTER has 40 national networks as members.
LTER HUN The Hungarian LTER network was established in 1995, two years after ILTER. It has had three LTER sites as members from the beginning. The Hungarian LTER has played an active role in the Central and Eastern European regional network and took part in the establishment of the European network.
LTER EU The European LTER network was established in 2005 in Balatonföldvár (Hungary) in a meeting organized by Lajos Vörös. It has 21 members recently and it is the most developing regional network of ILTER. The European LTER plays a key role in the international and socio-political integration of the ecological knowledge.


Environmental quality and pressures assessment across Europe: the LTER network as an integrated and shared system for ecosystem monitoring
ExpeER ExpeER (Experimentation in Ecosystem Research) is an European project which aimed to bring together the major observational, experimental, analytical and modelling facilities in ecosystem science in Europe.