Meteorological data between 2001-2021

The collection of meteorological data:

  • It is functioned in collaboration among three organization: Kiskunsag National Park (KNP) – Hungarian Meteorological Service (OMSZ) – HUN-REN Centre of Ecological Research (CER).
  • The field automat is at Fülöpháza village, at the field station (Fejes-tanya) since 2001.
  • It provide basic background data for the researches:
    precipitation, air humidity, air temperature, air pressure, irradiation, soil humidity, soil temperature  in every 10 minutes


The two figures show the mean annual temeprature and the annual precipitation at Fülöpháza field station. The data between 1970 and 2000 origin from the Kecskemet (nearest city) meteorological station. 

Annual mean temperature between 1970-2022.
Annual precipitation between 1970-2022.
Kapcsolódó monitoring